Ibiza I.
May 26, Friday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Wake to Grow: Integrating Mahamudra & Stage Theory

IEC Conference: 2023

WAKE TO GROW  weaves Indo-Tibetan Mahamudra meditation & constructive development theories to explore a new convergence of spiritual awakening & developmental growth, referencing Wilber’s Fourth Turning (2014), Kegan’s CDT (1983) and O’Fallon’s Stages (2020).

We have designed a deep,  interactive,  playful “mini-retreat” that will experientially explore:

  • What is our true nature?
  • What can we discover about the ultimate nature of reality by applying developmental wisdom ?
  • What traditions & tools, both ancient & modern, eastern & western,  enhance our psychological & spiritual capacity as we age?

Through a combination of embodied practice, meditative exploration, & group discussion, we  will offer a unique practice framework that aligns the deep truths of the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition & the insights in ego development research. Our aim is to guide participants to engage with the most effective developmental models of relative reality in order to  perceive their own ultimate reality.

LAFFERTY, Kimberley Theresa

United States

I have been gratefully dancing on the outskirts of the integral community for 25 years. At 27, after collegial education and a successful corporate career, I experienced an awakening that led me to change the direction of my life.  I then spent 12 years as a full time practitioner and eventual Teacher of Indo-Tibean Buddhism. From 2004-2011, I founded and served as ED of the Yoga Studies Institute. In 2010, I followed a surprising yet insistent call to bring my esoteric spiritual practice to everyday life as a “householder.”  Then starting a family and returning to graduate school in Human Development.  Today, I am based in a remote community in the North Cascades of North America. This deeply impacts my lived experience and practice. These notes of my historical self have become the melody of who I am now: a seasoned teacher-practitioner weaving together Indo-Tibetan Vajrayana and Adult Ego development. A leader of multi-year, private spiritual education cohorts at the Confluence Experience. I co-lead with Terri O’Fallon,  the penultimate Minds I year-long developmental course of Stages International. I am an active Board member for the Association for Spiritual Integrity.

ROTH, Haley

United States

Haley is the founder of FLY (Freedom Lives in You), a pedagogical approach to learning that fuses artistic exploration, mindfulness & developmental psychology. Serving schools and institutions since 2012, FLY specializes in creating harmonious family, work & educational cultures. FLY’s Learning Arts wing assesses, designs & implements transformational programs at schools, organizations & universities. FLY’s Teen Coaching practice provides 1-1 support for GenZ and their families as they design our future good.

In addition to her work consulting and coaching with FLY, Haley has served on the teaching team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education since 2016, where she guides experiential and discussion support for courses in Mindfulness for Social Challenges & Kegan’s Adult Development.

Also a singer-songwriter & yoga teacher, she lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband &  blue-eyed Australian Shepherd, Jai. Find her new album Harmonious Universe on Spotify & integrate the child in you.