Relating with Intimacy, Maturity, and Wholeness

IEC Conference: cancelled

What if tensions in relationship are invitations into a greater wholeness and degree of intimacy with self, other, and life itself, rather than a problem to be resolved? 

“We may have this conflict because we need to recover our truer complexity.” – Robert Kegan

In this workshop, we’ll practice in real time with relational tensions. Focusing as relationships, rather than simply as individuals, we will work on our self/other constructions with practices designed to cultivate: earnest compassion for self and other; ever deeper truths in experience; clear presence with difficult mental, emotional, affective, and somatic states, including unknowing and uncertainty; and the simultaneous sense of one’s own multiplicity alongside the ability to relate from and as a process of wholeness.

Come discover the transformational practice of relationship! 

[You may come as a (romantic) couple, or simply as a person who experiences tension or conflict in relationship — this workshop is for everyone!] 

PIPER, Kathryn

Netherlands / United States

Kathryn is a senior leader with Circling Europe. Facilitating Circling since 2015, she currently leads the practice community in Amsterdam, leads workshops and assists trainings in Europe.

Kathryn’s style of leadership could be considered ‘humaning,’ as she invites the full range of being human in presence together, opening to what’s here in and between us all. She’s compassionate, curious, playful, precise and surprisingly wild on the inside. What all you may discover while exploring with Kathryn can profoundly transform your life.



Andrew Venezia (M.A., Integral Theory) is one of the world’s leading researchers and experimenters with intersubjective awareness practices, particularly at the intersection of relational and awakening practices, and in bringing awakened collective states to real-world applications. He is a dad, lover, poet, cook, artist, psychedelic shaman, teacher, speaker, writer, coach, consultant, and dude, and works on midwifing an Integral Tantric Culture.