Integral in Action 6-month Course

We invite you to check out our introductory video for our IEC 2015-2016 Online Conference “Integral in Action” in partnership with the Conscious 2 team.

In this free 15 minute video snippet Bence and Dennis briefly review the core elements of the integral approach, before they dive deeper into a 4-hour introduction to integral with juicy details and fresh insights about the basic elements of Wilber’s groundbreaking model, exploring each element in depth – stimulating for beginners and advanced students alike. But this is just the beginning.

Discover some of the worlds leading integral pioneers sharing their latest thinking on how integral theory can be brought alive and used for deeper understanding and change in the world.

This course is comprised of 6 core presentations, with leading thinkers such as Thomas Hübl, Don Beck, Roger Walsh and Susanne Cook-Greuter. These will be followed by monthly encore community sessions, hosted by the Integral European Conference team, exploring your questions, and stimulating discussion and reflection. You will also get access to various selected videos, audios and slides from IEC 2014 to deepen any of the main topic areas psychology, politics, healthcare and spirituality. If you like mindfulness, yoga or meditation you will be happy to also receive access to the complete Conscious 2 content library on top of it.

50% of all revenue generated from this online conference will go directly to funding the next in person Integral European Conference in May 2016, so by joining Conscious 2 and this online conference, you will not only be supporting your evolution and development, but also assisting the team in bringing another life changing event to the integral community.


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