Integral in Action

Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach has revolutionized how we can think about everything from psychology and spirituality, to politics and climate change. But where do these groundbreaking theories and maps meet the challenges and complexities of daily life?

What are the daily practices that Ken has found to be most helpful? How can we use the integral maps to live more fully and more deeply in our personal and professional lives? What are the issues in the modern age we should be most concerned with, and what can we do about them?

This session will be broadcasted LIVE in HD video from Ken’s loft apartment in Denver with a state-of-the art multicamera setup – something that has never been done before. It will be run as an interactive Q and A session with a small invited in person audience, and with the opportunity for you to send in your questions from home. We also invited the musician Stuart Davis for a special guest appearance.

If you are new to the integral approach, this will be the perfect opportunity to experience in an intimate and accessible way the man behind the approach. If you are a seasoned student, it will be a unique chance to explore the practical side of integral and reflect on your own embodiment of these ideas.

Register your seat for this free 3-hour LIVE stream event with Ken on Oct. 10th


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