Spiral Dynamics course with Don Beck!

Spiral Dynamics Certificate Course with Dr. Don Beck in Europe!

Just a few days before the Integral European Conference Dr. Beck and his colleagues offer a 3-day Level I Certificate Course for all Europeans. Extend your stay and learn from the creator of Spiral Dynamics in person!

This Spiral Dynamics fundamentals course is designed for people who wish to understand the Graves-Beck Framework in its pure form and

 learn personally from the originator of the model.

In the first two and a half days we will track the history and emergence of Spiral Dynamics including the theoretical underpinnings of Clare W. Graves research methodologies, its evolution through a second and third generation of research and applications. Level I offers an experiential exploration of the eight value systems identified by the Spiral Dynamics/Gravesian biopsychosocial model.  It is a major paradigm shift to 21st Century

 complex systems thinking

that offers insight in such areas as geopolitics, economics, religion, the arts, coaching and counseling, organizational design, education, healthcare, and other clearly identifiable manifestations of the social value systems existing in the world today.

We will explore the memetic foundations on which these living systems emerge and evolve, their healthy and unhealthy expressions, their entry, maturity and exit phases demonstrated experientially by music, cartoons, films and group exercises. Participants will gain insights into the nature of conflict, change, and healing. By the end of the first 2.5 days, you will have a better understanding of why conflicts and social ills still exist in hot-spots around the world after years of effort to resolve them; and how to communicate with and align people, processes and purpose in order to

facilitate healthy change and social evolution.

Each participant will receive a Level I manual full of articles, charts of key Spiral Dynamics constructs and other information (all in PDF form). Each will complete a full battery of research instruments, which may also be useful on their own.

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Details: Budapest, April 30, May 1st and 2nd 2016

Presented by Dr. Don E. Beck, Elza S. Maalouf, Bence Ganti, Said E. Dawlabani  and Teddy Hebo Larsen

Dr. Don Beck – Founder of Spiral Dynamics integral

Teacher, geopolitical advisor and theorist focusing on applications of large scale psychology, including social psychology, evolutionary psychology, organizational psychology and their effect on human sociocultural systems.

Geopolitical application of Spiral Dynamics: Don Beck made more than 63 trips to South Africa between 1981 and 1988 where he worked with Nelson Mandela.

Organizational consulting: Don Beck has consulted to government agencies and companies like Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods. Beck was also associated with organizations in the world of sports: he worked with the Dallas Cowboys.

Said E. Dawlabani

Writer, theorist and speaker, one of the leading voices on Gravesian evolutionary thought on economics and the Middle East. Specializes in macromemetic systems and cultural change based on the value-systems approach.


Elza Maalouf

Author, speaker and consultant. Pioneered the use of Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory in the Middle East. Expert on the Memetic evolution of Islam.


Teddy Hebo Larsen

Ex managing director of Lilly, the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world with approximately 38,000 employees worldwide. Senior Vice President of Lundbeck, a global pharmaceutical company specializing in psychiatric and neurological disorders. Political negotiator of pharmaceutical companies in European Union. Mr. Larsen has a great deal of experience in applying Spiral Dynamics in these settings.


Bence Gánti

Clinical psychologist, the co-director of IEC together with Dennis Wittrock and an originator and visionary of this event. He is a co-founder and board member of the Integral Europe team and founder and director of one of Europe’s most successful long-term integral communities, the Integral Academy of Hungary.

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