Dr. Tom Habib – Unique Attributes Within the Integral Community

 Dear Friends,

The team of IEC 2021 Online request your

Participation in this Research

in preparation for the conference.


IEC 2021 is supporting this scientific study of the Integral Community conducted by Tom Habib, Ph.D.

This study is measuring Unique Attributes Within the Integral Community. The findings of this study will be presented at IEC 2021 Online. Before the conference, you will be sent your individual scores via e-mail.

Please keep these scores for the presentation to learn more about yourself and to compare with how other integralists scored.


Criteria to participate 

  •  Subtle awareness
  • Knowledge of Integral Theory and involvement in online Integral Communities or attendance at Integral Conferences or workshops and seminars
  • 18 years of age and older
  • Minimum of one year involvement in Integral which can include 
    IEC Conferences or similar, Integral reading, online groups and chats.

(Non-Integral Friends & Family…please do not take this survey).


You will never be identified and everything is confidential. Results will be published as a group statistic.

Your answers to the 57 questions will be reported as a group statistic and your identity will not be revealed. Survey Monkey estimates it will take 9 minutes for you to complete.  Please provide your email so that Tom Habib can send you directly your individual scores and information as to what your results indicate. All information will be confidential and not revealed to anyone at IEC.






Thank-you in advance for your participation in this research.
As integralists we know that we are part of a community that is aware of our own state experience and have some idea as to the stage from which we interpret our thoughts and feelings.  Furthermore, most of us utilize some form of life practice to enhance how we show up. I have often wondered whether or not there is some sort of underlying attributes that enable us to endure the intellectual challenge involved in understanding integral theory.

That is the driving reason for this research that I will make clear when I send you your results.  At this time, I cannot be any clearer as to the specific focus of this study since it would compromise the results.



Thomas A. Habib, Ph.D.

Tom is serving as the Chairperson for the IEC’s International Consortium of Integral Scholars. He is currently developing We-space experiences at San Diego Integral and utilizing these findings to help intimate couples’ stage and state development.

Tom is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California, USA and was founder and managing partner in a private group practice for 26 years.  He has presented at IEC in 2016, 2018, and 2020. He has also appeared on the Daily Evolver and the Wisdom Factory. Previous publications can be found on Academia.edu or drtomhabib.com.


Loving regards, 
The IEC Team




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