German conference goer gets Regathering ticket for Eur 100 less

We are aware of the fact that besides the Regathering there is another integral conference in the near future – IF Konferenz 2017: “Mut zum Fühlen”. To attend both of them might be a financial burden, so we created a “package deal” to make it easier for you. If you already registered for the IF Konferenz 2017 […]

Why to go to a conference? A personal sharing.

Here is Adriana, from the IEC team. I am not a native English speaker so apologies for any mistakes in advance. There are only 8 days left until the Regathering in Vienna and this made me think about the question “Why is it good to go to a conference or a Regathering, spend money on […]

Learn to See Beyond the Constant Flux

In a world where leadership is under huge pressure to manage increasingly complex worlds, the cultivation of ‘2nd tier strategic thinking’ is core. Studies show that the stage of meaning-making is often more powerful in explaining individual differences in behavior than personality traits and intelligence combined. According to Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter’s research there are 9 stages […]

Who shows up in Vienna – potential contributions so far

There are a bit more than 10 days left until the Regathering! If you’re still hesitating to come, have a look at the potential contributions that have already been offered for the open space process:   Integral Facilitator® Interactive Workshop: Using The 3 Primary Perspectives by Rebecca Ejo Colwell and Alana Felt 90 min session […]

Aperspectival Madness

Compiled by Hanna Hündorf from „Trump and a Post-Truth World: An Evolutionary Self-Correction“ by Ken Wilber – Part 2 Every now and then, evolution itself has to adjust course, in light of new information on how its path is unfolding, and it starts (apparently spontaneously but with this deeper morphic field actually operating) by making […]

No Facts – just interpretations

Compiled by Hanna Hündorf from „Trump and a Post-Truth World: An Evolutionary Self-Correction“ by Ken Wilber – Part 1 The promoters of Brexit openly admitted that they had pushed ideas that they fully knew were not “true” — but they did so “because there really are no facts,” and what really counts is “that we […]

Evolution of Beliefs

Written by Valerii Pekar The evolution of thinking is inseparably linked with the evolution of ideas about spiritual and religious beliefs, practices and organizations. This article is an attempt to briefly consider this subject using the integral model. The beige paradigm is purely materialistic. Here, all energy is spent on survival, so people simply can’t […]

Community Call #2 info and topics to be discussed

Spring is already here! We might feel a growing anticipation of spring and excitement about nature opening up and a warmer weather coming. We also feel the growing excitement about meeting with many of you in just 4 weeks in a fully opened blooming greenery! Join us this Friday for the preparation call hosted by […]

Report on the 1st Online Community Call

We had people calling in from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, France, Canada and the USA from Colorado, California, Hawaii.  The Live Broadcast option has been turned on unintentionally so it broadcasted on the personal Facebook wall of Bence. Here is the link for the recording:     Each participant […]

European Leadership course could be of great value for coaches

You are most probably an ambassador of change in the life of your clients. Feelings of helplessness, not being able to find a way out, or looking for help are the most common reasons why people turn to a coach. A high number of well-established coaching and facilitation techniques exist and you are probably using […]

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