No boss and wholeness in the workplace? Teal comes to IEC3!

  No boss and wholeness in the workplace? Teal comes to IEC3!   What is Teal, what is the Teal international world closely associated with the integral world, and what will happen at the Teal section on the 3rd Integral European Conference? George Poor, the co-leader and curator of the IEC Teal Track, and founder of […]

Presenters’ Application Extended till Nov. 30

Presenters’ Application Extended till Nov. 30 Currently we have 120 presenters for IEC 3 from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, and we are happy to see that China, India and Japan showed up too. We have also received many last minute interest and requests so we have extended the presenter application deadline with 2 weeks. Extended Deadline: […]

Keynote Speakers of IEC3

  THE 15 KEYNOTE SPEAKERS OF IEC3   we are proud to present the Key Note Speaker lineup of the 3rd Integral European Conference, from the 22nd to 27th of May, 2018. We, the organizers devote our deep love and caring to the integral world, in form of this work. We think that this conference is a jewel for the […]

Experiential Workshops At IEC3: What Should You Know About Them?

Experiential Workshops At IEC3: What Should You Know About Them? An important part of the Integral European Conference are experiential transformative workshops listed under experiential workshop track. Here is what you should know about them. We invite you to IEC not only to think together with fellow integralists but also toexperience playful, deep transformational and sometimes life-changinggroup exercises in the mutually shared […]

Ken Wilber And Brother Steindl-Rast In For IEC3

IEC 3 IS GOING TO BE BIG!    The 3rd Integral European Conference 22-27 May will be richer-than-ever before. Why? So many good things are happening that it is almost hard to keep up with letting you all know about it. We share some of the juicy bits here and unpack them later. + 2 […]

Understand your partner, rear a conscious child!

We often say: we have a problem child. But the truth is that   the children’s behavior is always a symptom,   a sign that they do not receive the attention and care they need.  In this case the problem is in the family’s function. It’s like a construction game: if a single cube moves […]

How can you become a developmentally conscious parent?

Day by day we are offered an overwhelming amount of the “best” child raising methods, which recommend solutions, theories and parent’s experiences. In special literature we can find a wide range of research results which give us some kind of support about the strategy of good child rearing. You have to be an expert to […]

Vegan – All Quadrant Considerations for an Integral Diet

Article written by Petr Kudelka Food is AQAL Eating is a fundamental human need. Despite this, diet, and its various implications, is a topic that has not yet gained a great deal of attention in the integral community. What we eat not only has a tremendous impact on our health and environment, but is also […]

Brigitte Wingelmayr, our host on the 3rd day of the Integral Community Tour

When you go inside into the stillness and open up your heart, what kind of clarity can you bring back into your everyday life? The program should not be expected from outside. Brigitte believes that we all have a capacity in our personal lives to re-design the program, to disconnect from all the patterns and […]

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