May 24, Wednesday
09:00 – 12:00
Budapest (CEST)

10,000 Peaceful Warriors – an embodied action team

IEC Conference: 2023

Who will be at the forefront of the human response to the metacrisis?

Well, us, of course… provided that we are fully present; that we act from love, awareness and perspective; and that we have trained rigorously.

“In times of crisis we don’t rise to the level of our potential, we sink to the level of our training.”  — Archilochus

This experiential workshop emerges from the martial arts, expanding from that tradition to embrace perspectives and skillsets needed to be fully present in critical moments.

It will involve movement, play, and edge-work!  It will introduce physical techniques that serve both as tactical moves and as perspectival tools that allow us to be more resilient and response-able.  It represents an introduction to the rigorous training we are called to at this time between worlds.

The “work” of this workshop is that of maturation: moving towards eldership centered on serving collective wellbeing while being whole unto ourselves.

This workshop will also engage participants in helping design a “Toolkit for the Metacrisis,” a work in progress that could become a training tool for those preparing to be frontline agents for planetary survival.


United States / Canada

Daniel is a denizen of the territory of Coast Salish people, living partly in Bellingham WA and partly in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  He is a lifelong educator who co-founded an experiential high school in the 1990s and has run educational programs around the world. Daniel currently works as an educational consultant, coach, and writer.  He is passionate about fostering change through integral consciousness and works as a climate justice and Indigenous rights activist.  Daniel earned a BS in Environmental Studies and an MA in Educational Design.  He and his lifelong partner, Lisa, have three amazing adult children.  His passions include woodcarving, martial arts, playing music, skiing, paragliding, and rambling wildly through the woods.