Awakened Interbeing and The New We

IEC Conference: cancelled

To speak about a planetary awakening, we need to be conversant with how a group, and a relationship, can wake up, in a way analogous to how an individual can. 

I’ll be talking through my take on Awakened Interbeing (We Space) as an emergent, relational awakening practice after more than ten years practicing and leading We Spaces, touching on the way on my own journey. 

I’ll also present the concept of the New We, an invitation to a different way-of-being-as-the-world-together, with three central praxes: 

  1. Embeddedness in real life connection, embracing the wholeness of our daily lives
  2. A transpersonal relational practice (We Space, more generally) 
  3. Economic work-in-the-world: i.e. an engagement towards practical reality as an organization

Awakened Interbeing presents a different perspective on what Integral Consciousness is, how it might become, and what it does in the world.



Andrew Venezia (M.A., Integral Theory) is one of the world’s leading researchers and experimenters with intersubjective awareness practices, particularly at the intersection of relational and awakening practices, and in bringing awakened collective states to real-world applications. He is a dad, lover, poet, cook, artist, psychedelic shaman, teacher, speaker, writer, coach, consultant, and dude, and works on midwifing an Integral Tantric Culture.