Marbella I.
May 23, Tuesday
14:00 – 17:00
Budapest (CEST)

Discover Your Purpose at Tier 2 Consciousness

IEC Conference: 2023

Awakening planetary consciousness starts with individuals like you and me. It starts with awakening our purpose in life. But the question is: Do you know what your life purpose is now? And how does it need to evolve to bring about the kind of change necessary for this global shift in consciousness?

Well, as you know, life is not one-dimensional, neither is your purpose in life. In fact, it shows up in six dimensions as an integration of all AQAL quadrants, levels, and lines of development.

Join us for an interactive adventure of self-discovery to reveal your purpose in life right now, and how that might need to evolve as you and society move towards Tier 2 consciousness. Using the innovative Six Dimensions of Purpose framework, dyad, group sharing, and meditation, this experiential workshop will help you articulate your own purpose in each dimension and explore what you might be inspired to create, or what difference you might feel called to make, in the awakening of our precious planet.

JAMES, Charlie


Charlie James is an Integral and purpose coach helping people look inside themselves to discover their bigger purpose, and step outside themselves to create a more empowered and fulfilling life.

After 20 years as a corporate executive and 10 years consulting, leading workshops, and speaking at conferences across North America, Charlie discovered that success was not quite what she’d expected. It was only when both her parents died within a year of each other that she realized there had to be more to life.  So she quit her job and became certified as an Integral coach to make a difference that really matters.

Today, Charlie works closely with clients to help them fulfill their potential and chart a new way forward. Applying her passion and positive intelligence training, she uses her extraordinary intuition to bring an insightful and inspiring perspective to people’s lives.

She’s also co-author of The Six Dimensions of Purpose – A New Perspective for Living a Purposeful Life

KOTY, William


William Koty is Chief Sensemaker at and co-author of The Six Dimensions of Purpose – A New Perspective for Living a Purposeful Life. 

William’s purpose in life is to open doors for people to realize their potential. As emeritus faculty at UBC, William retired only to discover he couldn’t stop doing what he loves—exploring what’s emerging in the world and developing educational programs that make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Never satisfied with the status quo and eager to explore what’s possible, William focused his academic career on technology and sustainability for a better world. Today, he continues to pursue his life purpose by combining his interests in philosophy, cognitive science, and human potential to develop courses and workshops that make a difference in people’s lives. Motivated by his concern for the future of humanity on a threatened planet, William pours his energy into inspiring people to build a meaningful life for themselves and others.