May 23, Tuesday
14:00 – 17:00
Budapest (CEST)

Let’s Clear Ancestral Debts

IEC Conference: 2023

In this workshop, you will learn about debts ie. debt karma, experience a group energy-clearing of debt patterns and have a chance to receive mini 1-1 session. Debt patterns manifest as unpleasant emotional intensities and unwanted events in your life. Debt karma is a specific type of vibration that originates from the victim game, the abuse of freedom, either by letting others dominate us or we dominate others. It can be an expression of unfinished business, unresolved relationships, abuse of our abilities, Earth and its resources and also of not fulfilling the soul’s purpose.

Group clearings tap into the collective energy of a group of participants and pinpoint limiting patterns that needs to be released. Mini 1-1 sessions focus on clearing unpleasant emotional intensity in people who volunteer to receive clearing. There is an effect called “Borrowed Benefits” – all people in the group also clear the pattern that volunteers addressed if they carry it in their field. Usually happens that one represents the whole group.

If you are ready to release debt patterns from your field and feel lighter, don’t miss this workshop.



Tena Cacic is a doctor of communication, music&language teacher, an independent scientist&researcher in the field of vibrational communication. Life path challenged her to practically learn to recognize, detect, clear and/or add a wide range of vibrational frequencies to her own energy field and the fields of others. She successfully managed to reinvent her life from extreme stress and disharmonious relationships to the level of peace, joy and harmonious outcomes in every aspect of her life.