May 28, Sunday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

The Momentous Leap: Moving to Second Tier by Devel

IEC Conference: 2023

The momentous leap to second tier is supported by maturing our spiritual intelligence. Key SQ21 competencies and practices support SQ development, which act as a springboard toward later stages of adult development. This paper focuses on specific competencies such as complexity of inner thought, discernment between ego and higher self, welcoming different worldviews, experience of transcendent oneness, and keeping higher self in charge, as related to stages in Cook-Greuter’s Ego-development model. The focus will be on the capacities required to move to post-conventional stages of 4/5 (self-questioning) and 5 (self-actualizing), with special emphasis on the movement between 4/5 and 5.


United States / France

Leadership mentor and former Fortune 100 executive Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, PhD teaches mindful leadership, creativity at work, and ethics at Saybrook University, and conducts research on the topics of spirituality in the workplace, collaboration, leadership, human development, organization development, and music. She is a member of the Integral Scholars Consortium and is on the faculty to certify coaches in the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence assessment. Her publications include Authentic Leadership and Followership: International Perspectives, “Collective Virtuosity: Lessons in Personal and Small Group Transformation from Classical Chamber Musicians” in J. Neal (Ed.), Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation, “Schutz’s Mutual Tuning-In Relationship: Forming a ‘We Presence’ in Music Performance” in Schutzian Research. Her next book, The Art of Collaboration: Chamber Music Rehearsal Techniques for Teambuilding will be published by Oxford University Press.