Play Room
May 28, Sunday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Updating, Widening & Transcending our “Reality Box”

IEC Conference: 2023

Our “conveyor belt,” hopefully, is gently pulling us to our next developmental level or reality box. However, it can sometimes slow down or even freeze. To counter this, Dr. Carr facilitates focusing on developing new ways of cognizing, accessing different areas of the brain, integrating the primitive & involuntary, sensing the future & one’s future mind, accessing the other’s minds, & accessing the soul, & fully allowing optimizing forces. A primary process involves further refining our capacity to shine the “light of consciousness” incredibly near the “fountainhead” or source of consciousness. This way, our mental “filters” can be detected before & as they filter. The light of consciousness can also widen to detect many layers of filters that allow for “delayering” & “deep updating” of our filters & even the “witness” of the filters. This facilitates both the updating & transcending of our reality box. Dr. Carr shares theory & leads us through several unusual experiential processes.

CARR, Wayne Dr.

United States

Dr. Carr is a Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Integralist, Spiritual Teacher, Philosopher, Writer, Blogger and Remote Viewer. He is the Executive Director of Enlightenment Institute. He has a psychotherapy practice in the Seattle Area. He has worked many years with men’s groups, couples, relationships, and spiritually oriented groups. He has led many workshops in the US and Europe.

For many years, Dr. Wayne Carr intensely studied and practiced Zen Meditation, Ken Wilber’s Integral perspectives, Thomas Hubl’s two-year Timeless Wisdom Training, Gestalt Therapy, Primal Trauma therapy, Bioenergetic Therapy, Mankind Project men’s groups, and the in-person teachings of: Krishnamurti, Fritz Perls’, Alan Watts and Ram Dass.

Dr. Carr also integrates shadow work, mindfulness, non-dual awareness, communication skills, and collective & ancestral trauma work. He has worked with and known some of the world authorities on consciousness, brainwaves, psychotherapy, spirituality, and remote viewing.