Ibiza II.
May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

What becomes possible? – An Embodied Vision.

IEC Conference: 2023

Today’s biggest untapped resources (inner, outer, individual, and collective) are unlocked through inner work. In a world where it is virtually possible for everyone to enjoy of the previous highest human achievement of inner work at the beginning of their life, what becomes possible? As a 21 year-old living stably in some of the highest stages and states of consciousness, it becomes quite obvious that a whole new world is coming. In the first part of his share, Diego will share an empowering embodied vision of the emerging world.

At the core of this societal transformation are all the practitioners making this possible. To support their flourishing, in the second part, Diego will offer two condensed tools that integralists can use to embody their potential: 1., a method to quickly embody their current most potentiated state, and 2., a practice to work with fear, shyness, and other such limitations and liberate their aliveness, light, and power in confidence.


Mexico / Netherlands

Transformation is what gets me going – transformation to unlock the potential in the way we relate with ourselves, with others, and in the structures in which we function.

Many of us have been dreaming and sensing a better world. Let’s embody the world that we know is possible.

  • I love supporting people in integrating spirituality into business, relationships, and daily life—to become your ideal and move from your most empowered essence.

Human potential is genuinely mind- & heart- blowing. We have no idea how far we can go. If we have become gods in the external world, it’s time to become gods inside.

  • I find deep pleasure in working with individuals and groups to support them to unblock the natural Flow of Life and access their innate resourcefulness.

The cool thing is that an unfolding is already happening. So my job is simply to support in removing restrictions/blocks/resistance to that natural unfolding so you can flow into flourishing.