myOS Brain Computer Interface for Meditation

IEC Conference: cancelled

Presentation and group demo of the myOS Brain Computer Interface for Progressive States of Consciousness.

This presentation is a 10 min talk and 10 min artistic experience of the myOS neurofeedback meditation paradigm for one or more volunteers as well as for the entire audience. myOS is using measures of brain-activity (multi-channel EEG) and data-visulaizations in VR to guide meditators in their meditation.

To be more precise: the progression of the volunteer/s into the meditation is guided by the audio-visual signals they receive determined by the meditation-state measures of their brain-activity. These signals, however, are composed in a way that they self-organize into an audio-visual art-piece. The participant/s receive these signals through a VR-headset. Meanwhile, the audience follows and experiences their journey on a video projection. and thus partake in a common journey through the proceeding brain-state of the meditator.

PALUCKI, Patrick


Patrick is an inventor, consciousness researcher and artist. He has pioneered brain computer interfaces for learning meditation techniques. He engaged in interdisciplinary research and development with neuroscientists and was a member of the research-lab led by Dr. M.A. Persinger. He has presented & exhibited at various science conferences including in Silicon Valley and at Harvard.