Free Entry for Ukrainian Participants

Understanding the emergency and financial limitations caused by the war, we support Ukrainian participants by offering them free entry to IEC 2022. 

With the free entry, you can join us online via zoom. If it is possible for you, you can also join us in Budapest in-person
 and participate live on the hybrid event.

For access to the free entry and for details please write to

Ukrainian Integralists Speak About the War

Kateryna Yasko, organizational psychologist, co-founder of U-Integral and Vytautas Buciunas, Integral Master Coach​™ and organisational consultant, co-founder of U-Integral will personally come to Budapest to give a live keynote on IEC 2022.

Kateryna and Vytautas left Kyiv when the war started and after a very slow, 5-day car drive managed to leave Ukraine and safely get to Lithuania. From there they support Ukrainians and speak also to the integral world.

Read more about the topic of their keynote speech at IEC 2022!

Kateryna Yasko

Ukraine: A Heart Blown Open

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Vytautas Buciunas

The Zelensky Challenge

How the President of Ukraine is challenging the world leaders to show up with more courage and authenticity.

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