Awakening Interbeing: A New We

IEC Conference: cancelled

Come get a taste of Awakened Interbeing, where the relational field wakes up to itself, as us. 

In this experiential workshop, we’ll engage in a handful of different practices to open this emerging spiritual experience: pointing out instructions to ground in awareness and awakening; relational practices to open awareness to the space between us; and, with any luck, practices that enter into a place of deep mutual empowerment, where the future calls us forward to act as this New We. 



Andrew Venezia (M.A., Integral Theory) is one of the world’s leading researchers and experimenters with intersubjective awareness practices, particularly at the intersection of relational and awakening practices, and in bringing awakened collective states to real-world applications. He is a dad, lover, poet, cook, artist, psychedelic shaman, teacher, speaker, writer, coach, consultant, and dude, and works on midwifing an Integral Tantric Culture.