May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Cultivating Emergence

IEC Conference: 2023

How are we cultivating—co-holding and curating—the embers within us all for transformation? The presentation draws on our collective experiences—20 years of Generating Transformative Change, Emergent Leadership and Integral Sustainability engagement. It features key lessons we’ve co-learnt, with many participants, as we are responding to our challenging times. The times mean embracing the unknown, the unwanted, and/or the impossible in ways that are adaptive and generative. Key themes that emerge are the powers of attuning ourselves to our fuller senses. Aspects such as multiple layers of coherence and what they look and feel like alongside the relationships between individual and collective development form part of this. We’ve seen a significant shift too as the inquiries go deeper somatically, experientially, and in relationship, cultivating a wider awareness in the spaces around us. Moreover, the ontologies are shifting too. Our presentation touches on these aspects and more.

DIVECHA, Simon Dr.

United Kingdom / Scotland

Dr Simon Divecha PhD is looking to connect with, and amplify, all that seeks to create positive influences. He is deeply moved by the broad potentials for this since, unexpectedly, coming to live in Europe and very much appreciating the social catalyzing and energy for making positive and powerful shifts here. His home was North America and Australia/New Zealand before the pandemic. Simon is the co-founder of (be) Benevolution, associate editor of the Action Research Journal, awarded the University Medal for his Integral research, and an Integral Sustainability practitioner (coaching through embodied practices and developmental stage awarnesses plus large scale systems change). He started formally collaborating with Pacific Integral for its Transformative Climate Advocacy program.

LYNAM, Abigail Dr.

United States

Abigail Lynam, PhD is a coach with Pacific Integral and faculty for Emergent Leadership: Engaging the Future from Awakened Wholeness and Generating Transformative Change, a 9 month retreat based program. She is faculty for Fielding Graduate University’s PhD in Human and Organizational Development. Abigail is also a scorer and coach/developmental debriefer with Stages International. Her scholarship and practice integrate interior dimensions of human knowledge and experience (culture, worldviews, psychology, wisdom traditions, embodiment, and awareness practices) with interpersonal and collective change innovations. Abigail is also a scorer and developmental coach with Stages International. Her passion and prayer is supporting humanity’s developmental unfolding for the sake of future generations and all of life.