Integral Bioregional Regeneration: Italy & Beyond

IEC Conference: 2023

Since the awakening of the 1960s, people and projects around the world have been continuing to practice holistic forms of personal and collective development and new norms of the Interior and Exterior We. Currently, we are in a “next level” era of Integral awakening: in the synergy of Web3 leaders living and working with somatic, emotional, and spiritual guides, as well as permaculturalists and eco community facilitators. Located in place-based and virtually-connected guilds and communities, we are developing a nature-informed Pattern Language for the web, which will be the mycelial network to connect and inform the work that we are doing locally, bioregionally, and globally. Liminal Village is an experimental community hub, grounded in the heavy blue “Territorio” of Italy, where we anchor a bioregional network, and host kindred spirits from across Europe and around the world in the ongoing yoga of elucidating our individual & collective Integral DNA for the regenerative Tier 2 future.

HOVEY, Jillian


Jillian is a leading edge practitioner of regenerative systems design who works creatively and collaboratively with individuals and groups on a wide range of projects.  She has taught and consulted in Permaculture and eco community projects in over 30 countries across North & Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand.  Jillian has a strong background in traditional biophysical aspects of the permaculture and has a deep history of connection with land and nature. She has also seen over 25+ years of practice, that where we need to develop the most skill is in the “Human Landscapes” and that we need to develop literacy and skills in “Human Ecologies.” Through her facilitation, teaching, coaching & mentorship, she supports others to connect with the matrix of our human and biological existence, and to bring our whole selves to permaculture practice.