Marbella I.
May 27, Saturday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Integral Emergence

IEC Conference: 2023

This workshop is an experiential dive into holding, catalyzing, and curating individual and collective emergence. We draw from 20 years of experience engaging with transformative learning and development in response to our challenging times. Inquiries include: what does it mean to embrace the unknown, the unwanted, and/or the impossible? How can we attune to ourselves, each other, and this moment in a way that supports presence and emergence? What does acting with greater coherence look and feel like? How can we orient to and from Awakened Wholeness? We will explore these inquiries somatically, experientially, and in relationship, stepping into a wider awareness in the spaces around us. These practices scaffold for depth and support resilience and adaptation. The workshop’s culmination involves embodying wholeness, walking into our futures, and authentically authoring the past. We aim to open into the depths of who we are and explore emergence together. Video

DIVECHA, Simon Dr.

United Kingdom / Scotland

Dr Simon Divecha PhD is looking to connect with, and amplify, all that seeks to create positive influences. He is deeply moved by the broad potentials for this since, unexpectedly, coming to live in Europe and very much appreciating the social catalyzing and energy for making positive and powerful shifts here. His home was North America and Australia/New Zealand before the pandemic. Simon is the co-founder of (be) Benevolution, associate editor of the Action Research Journal, awarded the University Medal for his Integral research, and an Integral Sustainability practitioner (coaching through embodied practices and developmental stage awarnesses plus large scale systems change). He started formally collaborating with Pacific Integral for its Transformative Climate Advocacy program.

FITCH, Geoff

United States

Geoff Fitch MA is a founding partner of Pacific Integral. Geoff is a coach, trainer, and facilitator of transformative growth in individuals and organizations. He has been studying and practicing diverse approaches to cultivating higher human potentials for twenty years. He also has twenty years experience in leadership in business. Pacific Integral’s keystone program, Generating Transformative Change, is now pushing past 30 cohorts in the US, Ethiopia, and Australia/New Zealand and (with Abigail Lynam and Simon Divecha’s support) is coming to Europe.

LYNAM, Abigail Dr.

United States

Abigail Lynam, PhD is a coach with Pacific Integral and faculty for Emergent Leadership: Engaging the Future from Awakened Wholeness and Generating Transformative Change, a 9 month retreat based program. She is faculty for Fielding Graduate University’s PhD in Human and Organizational Development. Abigail is also a scorer and coach/developmental debriefer with Stages International. Her scholarship and practice integrate interior dimensions of human knowledge and experience (culture, worldviews, psychology, wisdom traditions, embodiment, and awareness practices) with interpersonal and collective change innovations. Abigail is also a scorer and developmental coach with Stages International. Her passion and prayer is supporting humanity’s developmental unfolding for the sake of future generations and all of life.



Teresa Zimmermann, MAS is a culture decoder & weaver, adult development coach and FORBES commended business developer. As a growth catalyzer and embodied feminine, mother, lover, writer she is based in Vienna. Her initiatives hold our patterns in a safe space for depth, complexity & integration of perspectives, creating new meaning as somatic markers. Based on Kegan, with many years of Action Research, where she identified a non-linear framework about human cultural identifications along the stages of development she leads collective consciousness practice, cultural embodiments and meaning making via body intelligence. With her UN advocated initiative “our patterns” she is walking leaders home into 2nd tier consciousness. She is the founder of the collective “Wilde Wahrheit” (translating to “Wild Truth” as in the truth beyond “charted land”), which fosters the emergence of new formats to behold collective wisdom with interfaces to society, politics, economy and ecology.