May 27, Saturday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Mindful practice for conscious climate action

IEC Conference: 2023

Awareness and concern about climate change exists. Yet, when we move through our daily lives, our actions often don’t match that concern. In this experiential workshop, we will slow down what is going on in that values-to-action gap. Using an integral voice dialogue process, we will dance around the poles of awareness and unawareness, attachment and indifference, hope and grief, responsibility and guilt, exploring how these show up in our body, heart, and mind—individually and with others. We will explore how modern life takes our attention, narrowing our salience landscape and diverting our focus from actions that are in support of the greatest depth of consciousness, for the greatest span of sentient beings.  The majority of the session will consist of awareness practices and dialogue with a closing reflection on how this impacts your sense of leadership and agency in conscious climate action.



Gail Hochachka works with the human dimensions of climate change using a transdisciplinary, integral approach. Her work focuses on understanding how people make meaning of climate change and how to engage with diverse groups towards a shared sense of the climate challenge.

Her research has been published in various academic journals and has been used to support non-profit, private, and city actors in advancing climate action.

Prior to this, Gail did her PhD at the University of Oslo on how climate change adaptation can account for meaning-making stages in diverse social groups and be carried out in a transformative manner, with fieldwork in Guatemala.

Gail also has substantial previous experience working in sustainable development in Latin America and Africa, and co-founded Integral Without Borders Institute.

She lives in Vancouver with her daughter and their bunny rabbit.

MÜNZNER, Steffen


An expert in integral change approaches, Steffen works as a consultant for organizational development, sustainability, innovation and leadership on topics such as complexity and new forms of business management.

With his methodology for supporting leaders and teams, Incisive Interventions, he offers a series of human and organizational development models that create a new level of balance in the midst of chaos, helping to consolidate skills, processes, and systems that cope well with uncertainty and increasing complexity.

Steffen lives and works in Brazil and is an integrator of the Brazilian consultancy ecosystem CHIE.