Toscana II.
May 25, Thursday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Navigating through the topography of work

IEC Conference: 2023

During the workshop, the participants will be provoked about the global changes in the context of work and the meta crisis by different perspectives and stages.

It will also stimulate them to reflect on the results of the Topography of Work research (theme of the Keynote presentation) and their own experience of the meaning of work and action-logic stage.

Ultimately, they will build personal scenarios about the future of work, embodying each of the scenarios through a somatic exercise in order to find different insights for each scenario drawn.

CARDOSO, Marcelo


Marcelo Cardoso is the founder and integrator of Chie – an ecosystem that promotes the transformation of people and organizations. Marcelo has been integrating his professional evolution as an executive in various industries and positions with a deep personal transformation process with therapeutic and spiritual experiences. Marcelo understands his purpose at this time is to contribute to the emergence of a new society based on Regeneration and directed by the transformation of people, who in meaningful relationships build resilient communities. Marcelo is also a Coach, Systemic Constellation Facilitator with certifications in somatic experience, dialogue of voices, complexity, masculine and feminine among others.

MÜNZNER, Steffen


An expert in integral change approaches, Steffen works as a consultant for organizational development, sustainability, innovation and leadership on topics such as complexity and new forms of business management.

With his methodology for supporting leaders and teams, Incisive Interventions, he offers a series of human and organizational development models that create a new level of balance in the midst of chaos, helping to consolidate skills, processes, and systems that cope well with uncertainty and increasing complexity.

Steffen lives and works in Brazil and is an integrator of the Brazilian consultancy ecosystem CHIE.