The Dance of Life

IEC Conference: cancelled
You are warmly invited to join the Dance of Life. It is a playground to explore, as a group, the “unknownness” of the present moment and open to the awe of synchronicities within the collective and out.
Although looking at this workshop from the outside, you may think it is an improvisation theatre. Participants may embody some archetypes and play some roles and energies. Yet we go also through emotional processes and taste some mystical interactions. All happening in a consciously synchronic space. It is about spiritual embodiment.
The last group experienced an empty mind during the whole time of the workshop while doing things, playing, processing, and laughing. Emptiness and fullness dance as the Dance of Life. I don’t know how it will be this time. That’s the game. I only know that I’ll do some preparatory exercises at the beginning and an integration session at the end. The rest is for God to play.
This workshop is for all levels of experience. All are welcome.


Morocco / France

I’m a scientist, a writer, a fool, and an alchemist. I facilitate workshops for grounded spiritual exploration. And for 8 years, I’ve been developing what I call the Faces of Spirit. A transmission that integrates Integral Theory, Islam, and the Hexagrams of the I’Ching.

I spent my first 21 years in Morocco, my birth country. I, then, studied engineering in France. And I started my career as a co-founder of “Douar” an NGO supporting sustainable development in Moroccan villages.

I embarked on an intense spiritual journey, from Islam to Evolutionary Enlightenment to Nothing. Yet my last 3 years, since Corona, were almost entirely focused on relationship and family building. That in and of itself is a whole spiritual practice.

I’m only starting to expand my social presence and services this year.

This is the draft of my website: