May 26, Friday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

The Joy of the Personal Journey

IEC Conference: 2023

Do you want to contribute to a legacy of integral consciousness to the next generations?

In this intensive workshop you will live a journey of recognition and reconciliation with fragmented, polarized and excluded aspects of our collective origins and of your personal history. You will be able to free your energy to attend to your present moment with greater vitality and connection with your fundamental purpose. You will connect with the Spirit to celebrate the personal journey and the collective advance towards a deeper and higher consciousness. It will be a journey from the pre-personal to the personal and the transpersonal with which we will build a vivid message that we will carry as a legacy to the younger generations.

Bring comfortable clothes that allow you free movement and come with a loving disposition to connect with various aspects of the self and be at the service of the Spirit.

(Diana speaks Spanish, and will be translated into English by Andres Malavé)



Diana is a psychotherapist and university professor in the areas of psychology and health in Colombia and Mexico. She is a professor of the specialty in transpersonal psychology at Ampydet, Mexico. Psychologist with a master’s degree in clinical and family psychology from the Santo Tomás University of Colombia, spiritual healer, family constellation guide and practitioner of body awareness disciplines.

Facilitates human development processes by designing tailored strategies for the educational, organizational, and community spheres in Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

She co-leads Hispanoamérica Integral, which is focused on contributing to the expansion of integral awareness in the Spanish-speaking population.