Transformational Play – Secrets of Coherence

IEC Conference: cancelled

When set up correctly, play creates coherence quickly. Co-creative intelligence, healing and magic can then follow. Play is an important transformational tool to understand and practice. At its full potential it brings people beyond fear to trusting the unknown so they can grow. Collectively we develop the capacity to shift to the new being, the we, to move from interpersonal relating to a new, different, dimension where care, wonder, consciousness and intelligence thrive. Joy creates a loop where conscious playfulness, not taking ourselves so seriously, and positivity build on each other and heartled embodied, childlike playfulness moves mountains. The experiential session will offer

Principles and benefits of good play
Expanding the moment
Inclusion everything, everyone
Transformation access your joy
Transformers: fool/trickster/troubadour in organizations
Storyteller: ‘one who creates an atmosphere where wisdom reveals herself’ (Inuit)
Not serious? Shadow work and play



Angela Halvorsen Bogo is a performing artist with almost 40 years experience behind her.  In 1972 she began improvised theatre, later training in mime, physical theatre, clowning and voice at Fooltime Circus School.  Apprenticed to indigenous master storyteller Duncan Williamson in the role of the storyteller in the Scottish Traveller society. She began creating performance and training others in 1990.  She has worked in 35 countries with children and adults of all ages, trained numerous others, was Creative Director of the Telling Place for 6 years, creating storytelling apprenticeships.  She is a  therapeutic clown meeting people  with dementia, She is a Relational Dynamics coach and works in organizations change. She is founder of the Renaissance of Troubadours, training others to use performance arts aligned with emergence. She leads Troubadour Travels, immersive performance arts adventures aligned with emergence.