Love: An experiential journey through teal.

IEC Conference: cancelled

This experiential journey of love combines embodied practice with the latest research on love that identifies key changes as we progress along our evolution of consciousness. Understanding our own cosmic address along the evolutionary line of conscious development allows for an increasing breadth of love experiences and the next evolutionary challenge and bliss to come. Understanding the cosmic address of others provides the ability to match and deepen our interpersonal love spaces and avoid the suffering that occurs when developmental love languages collide or silently miss each other as they pass through the field. Combining depth practices, breadth practices, and height practices, this journey promises to be a quick but deep dive into the evolutionary progression of love. Be prepared to touch and be touched (using appropriate boundaries). Come solo or with your partner if you wish. Bring open minds, comfortable clothes, and loving hearts, and we will celebrate the joy of love together.


United States

Kim Barta is an internationally recognized psychotherapist, speaker, and workshop provider. Recognized as a top presenter at IEC, he is known for his work on The Shadow Side of Shadow Work, The Evolution of Shadow Resolution, The 3 Classes of Shadow, and The 3 Directions of Shadow Work. Kim is co-founder a mind-body healing center on a Native American Reservation. He is a co-founder of Stages International, which focuses on the evolution of consciousness. Kim provides personal and collective work through, providing courses on Illuminating Shadow, Healing Shadow, Communing with Shadow, and Shadow and Light, which combines shadow work with spiritual awakening. He also provides a free shadow assessment with a customized PDF download and 7-week shadow email course. Kim works with the entire spectrum of human development, specializing in working with advanced developmental level individuals. Kim conducts workshops internationally on human development and the evolution of consciousness. He focuses on practical, experiential, embodied exercises that make a real difference in people’s lives, bringing the mystical to the ordinary for everyday bliss.