Ayahuasca – Stories of Experience

We will be telling our stories of our recent visits to Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Within a week, up to 90 participants experience their “miracle”. This is brought about through four nights of ceremonies drinking Ayahuasca, a plant medicine served by Shamans coming from a 5000 year old lineage from the Amazon […]

Awakening to Unity in a Fragmented World

Experiencing ourselves as an expression of life rather than a separate entity changes everything. Yet after the initial buzz wears off or just becomes normal, we become aware of the debris scattered in our inner landscape, our relationships and across the planet. We realise that the spiritual reality of unity is not enough to dispel […]

The Path of Vertical Leadership

‘The Path of Vertical Leadership’ is first of all, a path.  From where and to where I can hardly say, because this path leads out of the darkness, into the light of This Moment, and then back into the darkness. Our thinking minds are filled with ideas of who we are, who others are & […]

Developing We-Space via Resonance Workshop

There are poignant moments when viewing a movie when there is a sequence where we feel both joy and sadness. Often times we hide these powerful feelings and turn away from our companion, fearing over-exposure. What if we do not turn away and allow these complex and potent feelings to settle into a resonance to […]

Authentic Living

Through meditations, live music, silent connecting, sense-based exercises & intimate dialogues, James will guide you with gentle precision towards realising who you really, REALLY are, on the deepest level. From that ‘place’ of clarity and openness, you will begin to acknowledge the unconscious fear-based patterns, self-beliefs and physical clenches that block you from expressing fully, […]

A path of healing through body and dance

“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.” Pina Bausch As human beings we are movement: from the simple breathing to everyday gestures, our body express what we feel about life. Body memory recalls and presents closure or openness in the human relationship, leading to a more or less authenticity in the encounter with the other. The […]

Relating with Intimacy, Maturity, and Wholeness

What if tensions in relationship are invitations into a greater wholeness and degree of intimacy with self, other, and life itself, rather than a problem to be resolved?  “We may have this conflict because we need to recover our truer complexity.” – Robert Kegan In this workshop, we’ll practice in real time with relational tensions. […]

A Downside Up view of reality! Integral Africa!

The Integral+ Practice of Leadership & Coaching is a way of facilitating deep transformative change & healing towards integration at a personal, group & structural level. Codified into various levels of programme work, the journeys of deep learning through consciousness practice & action for impact has enabled Paddy to influence the thinking & practice of […]

Deep Dive Into Primal Stance

This workshop is designed to offer you insight into your earliest (stages 1 and 2) programming which generates the Primal Stance you take in your life. This Stance is comprised of trust/mistrust and domination/submission, two axes generating four combinations of positions. Your deepest, pre-verbal shadow is discovered here. being pre-verbal, it is not fully amenable […]

Design Being: practices of adaptive creativity

Roles and best practices in design are effective in solving superficial problems, but they fall short of addressing the deeper challenges that we face, both individually and collectively. While Design Being acknowledges the designer within everyone, it makes a special appeal to emerging leaders who recognize the need for bold yet grounded change. Emerging designers […]

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